About Mapwave

Our Mission

Do you know the feeling that your efforts within HR are mainly regarded as reactive problem solving? That it is difficult to quantify what HR contributes to the organisation’s results?


Mapwave gives you the insights you need to make evidence-based decisions and identifies the performance drivers of your organisation. Not on the basis of hypes or copy-paste from other companies. Mapwave provides you with scientific tools and in-depth analyses, tailored to the context of your organisation. With the aim: to let HR take a more strategic role and realise a sustainable HR & business impact.

Our Approach

Our name already gives part of the answer.

We MAP (Measure – Analyze – Predict) the feedback WAVEs of your employees

To identify your organisational performance drivers for a sustainable HR approach

Evidence based, tailor made & in depth

We apply these principles to HR-related themes such as engagement, retention, well-being, leadership, motivation, etc. We keep it clear and substantiated, and above all take your context into account. After all, that is what makes up the true uniqueness of your organisation. In the analyses we go beyond ‘metrics’: beyond percentages, towards the levers that are the real drivers of a sustainable HR approach.






The Founders

Mapwave was founded by Elies and Maarten. Together, they have 30 years of experience, of which they have been working together for the past 10 years. In the autumn of 2021, they joined forces as entrepreneurs and that was the beginning of Mapwave.

Maarten has been active in the world of HR and Organisation for more than 20 years. Over the years, he has supervised and set up numerous projects in a variety of sectors. Themes that have always interested him: selection, motivation, organisational culture, cooperation, ... Maarten easily finds the pinpoints in a complex situation and can quickly proceed from a helicopter view to a 'connecting the dots' synthesis. In those 20 years, Maarten has always had an affiliation with a university. Currently, he is a teaching assistant at VUB and is responsible for the course "Organisation Design".

- Maarten Andriessen
Co-founder Mapwave
Elies has almost a decade of experience in HR consulting and has built up expertise in psychometrics and data analysis over the years. Elies has a methodological approach and succeeds in conveying complex material in a simple manner. She always manages to find a good balance between scientific underpinning and pragmatism.Elies is also affiliated with the VUB as a visiting professor and is responsible for the course "Human Resources Management", which is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Solvay Business School.

- Elies Hendrickx
Co-founder Mapwave

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